Stabilix Underwriting Framework is a highly adaptable XML based Java EE compliant software platform built on the Stabilix's business process automation (BPA) suite, code named CloudEx.

The Underwriting Framework provides a scalable and configurable solution for defining, capturing and deploying insurance applications over the web. The Framework will also automate the underwriting business process of insurance applications. The tool is designed in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that allows seamless integration with external applications.

The Underwriting Framework has an intuitive process language to express business processes graphically for tasks, asynchronous wait states for communication, timers, automated actions, etc. The Underwriting Framework has minimal dependencies, and is designed to be used in large enterprises where extreme throughput and high availability are crucial.

Stabilix Underwriting Framework uses JBPM as the core workflow engine and process definitions are written in JBPM process definition language (JPDL). A process definition is composed of business steps and transitions. Users have the option of defining different types of process definitions. Each process definition represents a typical underwriting business process scenario. Examples: a new business; an automated step such as letter generation or automated process such as auto decline or auto approve.


  • Provides a graphical designer tool for designing workflow and business processes
  • Provides workflow integration capabilities to interface with any company directory that contains users and other organizational information
  • Provides an administration and monitoring console to inspect and manipulate runtime instances
  • Provides a way to integrate with external applications
  • Provides sample implementation
  • Supports multiple products, version and state specific changes
  • Includes full support for Java EE Web Services and the Service Oriented Architecture
  • Provides a workflow client interface and administrative panel to manage workflow incidents
  • Provides a loosely coupled design - Workflow, Rules Engine and other Framework components are designed so that all are independent of each other
  • Provides a Rules Engine to manage business rules

The Underwriting Framework can be configured with any database and it can be deployed on any application server.