Platform for securely communicating healthcare data between different entities like patients, physicians, care team members etc

Secure, HIPAA compliant text messaging solutions are incredibly important in healthcare. Secure communication helps physicians to bring effective care coordination, improve workflows and minimize interruptions.

Stabilix secure communication platform offers both email messaging and easy chat functionalities. Both email messaging and chat uses secure, scalable and standard based methods for the exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI). The platform makes the messaging look and feel similar to regular email, but much more is taking place behind the picture which will give sender and recipient confidence that the message is private to them only.

Each address consists of a private digital security key and a corresponding public key. A sender composes a message which is encrypted with the help of the security keys, for an intended recipient. Only the recipient can decrypt the message. Additional required steps assure the recipient that, the message was not altered during its transfer, and let the sender knows the message was received successfully with the help of notification messages.

Who could use our platform?

  • EHR Vendors
  • Hospitals
  • Providers/Clinicians
  • Care Team Members
  • Laboratories
  • Imaging Centers
  • Long Term Care
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Specialists