Solution for an Insurance broker operating from middle east and Europe

A middle-east insurance broker wants to automate their insurance processing. Business team wanted to automate the business rules which are changing very frequently without the help of technical team involvement.

We have been working closely with numerous individual brokers for many years to streamline and enhance their insurance software solutions.

We will provide you technical advice and will assist you in handling all information that can be very useful to make claims and events, premium calculation & renewal, technical and financial accounting, etc by assessing the risk management through underwriting process.


  • Connectivity to Legacy applications
  • Modify the business rules without the technical team involvement
  • Create new pages without the help from technical team
  • Integrated workflow to control the business processing
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • End-to-End management of reinsurance processes with built-in automation rules
  • Easily record all types of reinsurance contracts with your full terms and conditions (dates, policy holder/version, policy covers, amendments, renewals, cancellation etc.)
  • Generate technical accounts for premiums, claims, and commissions
  • Provide detailed reporting statistics, such as triangulation by line of business, type of contract, region
  • Improve processes with a complete audit trail
  • Track claims and events and associated transactions
  • Access to the security administration menu
  • Document management service to improve the quality of claim submission by introducing stricter validation around data fields and documentation, enhancing the presentation of the claim file
  • Scale the platform according to client’s business needs