Built on a solid technical foundation, InsMobSuite mobile app contains all the major customer care features for an Insurance company. Key features in the mobile suite include policy portfolio, renewal reminders, customer complaints/feedback, customer alerts, policy information, service locator etc.

InsMobSuite mobile apps are natively available for all major mobile platforms and conforms to the latest mobile platform guidelines. Powered by a highly customizable framework, each deployment of the mobile product can be completely customized and branded. This solution also contains a secure and scalable mobile web services platform which can integrate with any insurance company's backend systems.

InsMobSuite is available under flexible solution licensing terms and comes with a comprehensive support subscription. Our comprehensive subscription package consists of ongoing maintenance of the app, keeping them up to date with platform changes and app store listing management including ratings and feedback responses. This enables companies to completely delegate management of their mobile customer care products and mobile services platform.

Why InsMobSuite?

Smartphone devices are quickly becoming the primary means of accessing online information. Customers increasingly expect online services to be available as smartphone apps downloadable from the app stores. For insurance companies, enabling customer care through various mobile platforms is vital to ensure customer satisfaction and engagement. However managing applications on multiple platforms and multiple devices are increasingly becoming complex and requires a sophisticated mobile technology team.