Stabilix's business process automation (BPA) suite, code named CloudEx is a software development and integration platform based on open system computing standards. Whatever you need, whether it is incremental automation, major overhaul, or enterprise-wide integration, CloudEx can help by making it easy to connect people, information and applications in just the right combination for your business.

CloudEx provides the tools to rapidly integrate sophisticated process management into business operations and applications. It models, extends, configures, and automates business processes. The software platform is a portfolio of integrated yet highly modular solutions for service automation, analytics and enterprise information integration.

CloudEx enables all constituents of an organization to use personalized applications based on roles, contexts, actions, locations, preferences and workflow collaboration needs. The software platform provides a composite infrastructure & application framework with advanced tooling for flexible, SOA-based solutions, as well as scalability required by any size organization. CloudEx derives its power from the highly integrated yet modular set of components and can be used to jumpstart enterprise web application development.

The promise of open systems is faster and more economical development of high-quality systems that are technologically current. CloudEx is built on several open source platforms while using the open system leverage of a sound base-line application, standards-based framework of functionality and interfaces.

CloudEx architecture includes two major sets of components (i) enterprise infra-structure services and, (ii) integrated set of enterprise application modules. Customer specific application modules can be built on top of this component stack. The component structure of CloudEx is illustrated below.

Stabilix Cloudex

Core Components:

  • Core Web application components for data persistence(using Hibernate) and caching
  • Internationalization and localization API
  • Highly flexible and advanced security API
  • MVC based presentation framework built on top of Struts2
  • Ajax based UI components with built-in security and internationalization support
  • A workflow engine on which event management application module is built
  • An administration console for all Infrastructure features

CloudEx application modules include:

  • An integrated e-Forms module which enables quick Web deployment of manual business processes (paper forms to electronic forms conversion)
  • An integrated event management module built on top of workflow system
  • Document management module which can be integrated with an enterprise file storage system
  • A module for campaign creation, execution and result analysis
  • A module for survey creation, execution and result analysis
  • Contact Management System